The founders of regional media outlets writing about indigenous peoples, journalists and ethnobloggers held the first meeting on September 24 on the formation of a network media on the basis of the («Peoples of the North») Internet portal

Work on the creation of an updated resource will begin on October 1 this year.

“Creating this community, we are pursuing two goals at once — to form a truly modern resource and at the same time to bring classical journalism into the information environment of the peoples and villages of the North, — said the director of the resource Yekaterina Samoilova. traditional economy — Captain Arctic. The editorial board agreed to include the authors of sharp reports and interview masters — well-known regional journalists. «

The People of the North portal will become part of the People of the North news agency, which will help Russian journalists receive timely, high-quality information and announcements of events taking place in the field of indigenous peoples, as well as large indigenous peoples of the Russian Arctic, Siberia and the Pacific region. Contacts with the leaders of the indigenous peoples of the American continent, Africa and Asia will help the agency to keep the Russian media informed of the main events of the indigenous peoples of the world.

«In addition to the portal, the agency will publish thematic electronic publications about scientific expeditionary activities, traditional hunting and fishing, which are focused on ensuring the rights of indigenous peoples and residents of remote territories conducting economic activities similar to the TCD of the Indigenous Peoples of the North,» said Yekaterina Samoilova.

It is important that the agency is not affiliated with any of the many indigenous organizations, which means it will not engage in praise for the sake of specific leaders. This level, unattainable for other media of indigenous peoples, as well as the unconditional skill of the authors who will take part in the creation of the resource, should provide it with a stable position in the information market, the creators believe.

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