Today, in our social media communities, readers are discussing five news with the greatest interest:


  • Public discussions of the Fedorov Tundra project are planned in the cities of Apatity and Kirovsk on the Kola Peninsula. >>>>
  • The presentation of the Ruschem company on the results of the environmental impact assessment at the Kumzha deposit and the methanol production plant near the village of Krasnoe has been published. >>>>
  • The experience of conducting ethnological expertise on Taimyr was presented in the Norwegian city of Tromso. The report was prepared by the Arctic Development Project Office. >>>>
  • Authorities Yakutia at the federal level is seeking official recognition of nomads as agricultural producers. >>>>
  • The approximate work program of the subject «Native (Koryak) language» for grades 1-4 has been approved by the Federal Educational and Methodological Association for General Education. >>>>

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