The FPIC procedure (free, prior and informed consent) in full compliance with international standards will be held for the first time in the Russian Arctic on Taimyr. MMC Norilsk Nickel proposed to each resident of the village of Tukhard, which, according to the law, must be moved to a new location, to choose options for relocation — to a new house in a new location or to other settlements

It is interesting to observe the development of events. The parties will have to learn how to communicate, and if Norilsk Nickel is ready to accept many of the conditions of the Tuhards, the residents of the village are not yet inclined to come to an agreement, first of all, among themselves.

There are groups in which the commercial enemies of Norilsk Nickel are strongly destructive, there are hesitant groups trying to understand what can be bargained for with the corporation besides new housing. In such a situation, the role of mediators has become important, the most active of which is the public organization «KMNSOYUZ». The commentary of its leader, Nenets Antonina Gorbunova, who is trying to protect the interests of her relatives and, at the same time, keep the FPIC procedure within the framework of full transparency and legitimacy, appeared on the Severny Gorod portal (watch the video) It’s good when representatives of indigenous peoples have literate defenders.

The settlement of Tukhard was founded in the 70s of the last century for the builders of Norilskgazprom near the Nenets settlement of Kisly Nos. In Soviet times, the resource development of the village, including its communal and infrastructural components, was due to the development of the enterprise. Historically, the employees of the enterprise used it to live on a rotational basis, later the village began to serve as a transshipment base between roaming for the indigenous population.

Since the settlement was formed as a place for temporary residence of shift workers, its development did not provide for the creation of an infrastructure that would meet modern ideas about comfortable permanent residence and the requirements for a settlement.

Currently, the situation requires a solution to the problem in connection with the current legislation, which establishes sanitary protection zones and the associated restrictions. The resettlement is also associated with the proximity of facilities that are for the company a legacy of the past period of industrial development of the Arctic. Norilsk Nickel, realizing its responsibility, offers several options for solving this problem on the basis of informed prior consent, including moving to new homes for citizens who prefer this option. At the same time, the indigenous population will not be cut off from their usual environment, places of crafts and way of life, since New Tukhard is located only 1.5 kilometers away. Alternative options are also offered, including the purchase of housing in other villages of Taimyr and the city of Dudinka.

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