Social media users in Russia today discuss five events from the life of indigenous peoples:

  • Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug. The Olympiad for schoolchildren studying the native languages ​​of indigenous peoples has ended. Details here>>>>
  • Filming of a documentary film about the life of the community of aborigines of Eastern Siberia, which is engaged in hunting and fishing in the taiga, has been completed. Details here>>>>
  • The conference «Resources of the Arctic and Siberia» will be held in the city of St. Petersburg. Details here>>>>
  • Attraction for tourists «Village of the people sapmi» will be built in the Murmansk region. Six representatives of this nationality will be able to get a job as an animator. Read more here>>>>
  • Today ends the acceptance of documents required for hunting bears and elks in the northern regions of Russia. Details here>>>>

Photos from open sources

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